A bit of time between posts

But tomorrow I will post. Specifically, my life for the past month.


Rage at Tropical Smoothie Cafe

It was Saturday afternoon. I was suffering from a killer sore throat and still was still hacking up some phlegm. So before going to work bingo, I decided to head over to Tropical Smoothie Cafe to get a smoothie with an immune booster in hopes to soothe my aching throat and to help fight my current sickness.

I walk in, two guys are sitting eating sandwiches and there is a family of four; mother and, potentially, three daughters in line. I say potentially as the kiddies, were wearing soccer uniforms, so they could all be friends, that's a minor detail. The four of them were standing trying to decide what they wanted to eat, I stood patiently and checked my twitter and facebook. After 5 minutes of arguing amongst themselves, I give a look at the cashier, he gives me an "I'm sorry, really can't do anything about this" kind of look. Which is understandable from his position. I take this and go to the bathroom to urinate, in hopes that whilest emptying my urine sack, the "family" would have made their order and gotten out of the line. Empty, flush, wash, dry, I walk back out to see the 4 still standing there.

I resume my position in line, and wait. I try to side step them but the mother puts her hand against my chest and says "We were here first. You have to wait like everyone else," I don't like being touched by strange women unless I'm drunk or I'm paying for it. This smoothie blocking pushed me to rage, it was then the mother redirects her attention to the menu and asks, "What does the mango habanero chicken wrap taste like?" This is where I lose it....
I look to the cashier, and tell him "Mango Moxie, large, with an immune booster, and a bag of jalapeno chips." I walk by the family, pay for my order, and get my chips. I then sit and wait for my smoothie, the mother's giving me a glare. They leave without making an order. The cashier comes out with my smoothie and gives it to me, I hand him $40 dollars, "put this in the tip jar, for the lost business."


My Recurring Dreams 3/3

Finishing this up as it has been a month since my last post.

Simply put, there is an army of red ants that are inside my body burrowing through my skin, to fight the army of black ants that are crawling over my body.

So with both sets of ants burrowing through my skin, I'm just left helpless trying to brush them off, to no avail. I end up being a skinless body.


My Recurring Dreams 2/3

I have a great fear for knives and sharp edged objects in the hands of other people. It stems from a boy scout trip in which I was deeply cut when a scout was sawing a stick, the saw skipped out of the cut, and into my finger. Ever since then, I can't be in close proximity to someone when they are cutting something.

I am naked and strapped to a large cutting board, my ankles and wrists are separately bound at each corner. Standing at my head, is the cloaked figure from my previous post, and standing around me are all my friends. Above me are several pendulums, 6 total, swing back and forth. They line up with my wrists, elbows, neck, stomach, knees, and ankles. Each of my friends are pointing and laughing as each of the pendulums are lowered onto my body. My blood sprays onto my friends faces, they just laugh louder and harder.

After my body has been separated, the cloaked figure retrieves my head and walks off. My friends are still laughing as cloak walks off.

This is where I wake up.


My Recurring Dreams 1/3

In a dark room, my arms are chained to the cold concrete floor and my head is suspended using a collar and chain around my neck, which is bolted to the ceiling. The restraints are 2 inches thick, rusted iron, and cover from my wrist to the middle of my forearm and the entirety of my neck. I feel a continuous dripping of liquid splattering against the back of my head, neck and back. The liquid has run down the sides of my face and is dripping off my nose and lips. I lift my head up to see my friends tied to a stalactite with razor wire. I can hear their moans and screams as they curse my name. It is their blood that has been bathing me.

I slowly lower my head and see a tall person in a black robe, it's face is cover by the robe's hood. It says something in a language that I don't recognize, but there are subtitles; "You brought this upon your friends. You will be the end of them."

After hearing/reading this from the robed one, the razor wire tightens slicing my friends into bloody chunks, which fall all around me. I want to scream.

This is where I wake up.


A vacation

I'm going to need one after this week. Work's been piling up, deadlines approaching, and my GRE is this Saturday. All the while I'm emailing and calling GMU trying to set up a meeting with Dr. Menasce on whether or not I can get into the MS Computer Forensics program. So far with the MS, things look bleek. More than likely I'm going to have to take some courses to bump up my GPA, hopefully I can use the pre-reqs to get the bump up so I can get into the program.

Additionally, Valentine's day is coming up. I really haven't cared for Val's day since high school. Additionally, I really haven't had a significant other for me to "enjoy" it with. It's kind of like an extended Christmas, here to remind me that I'm still single..... Meh. I haven't been good in relationships, for one reason or another. For that, I'm sorry. It wasn't the right time, and I wasn't the right one.

But ya, a vacation is what I'm going to need post this weekend. Highly considering flying down to Little Rock to go hang with Moose and Gabe.


Batman goes ape shit

I'm sure some of you have heard this already, but just in case you didn't: http://tiny.cc/RcaQs.

Essentially it's a sound clip (close to 4 minutes) of Christian Bale going ape shit on a director of photography during an interview. It's really NSFW, so, you might want to turn down your speakers.

The argument came up whether or not this hurts or helps Bale's opportunities for work. He's a great actor, a money maker, and the GOD DAMN BATMAN. But at the same time, will people want to put up with hissy fits such as this one? I'm sure studios really don't care as long as he brings in the box office/dvd sales that they crave. But are directors will to put the effort in difusing situations like this one on a movie set?


Snow, and everything it brings with it.

I was walking out of the gym this morning, and noticed it was snowing. I've never been a fan of snow, as some of you might know. Sure, there was the 2 hour delays and snow days when I was in school, but even then, I didn't care for the fluff. Started to hate it more when I had to drive through it to get to Mason and work. It seemed Mason would never cancel classes, in addition to my building not closing for anything less then the second coming. The only time I cared for the snow was when I was grabbing handfuls of it and packing into a thermos for someone. At least it made them smile that day.

On a happier/procrastinating note, I'm currently hooked on a comic that I discovered last week, Ander Loves Maria. It's a swedish comic, full of drama. This has been my time killer at work, besides "studying" for the GRE.


On writing

There is something about a hand written letter that speaks in volumes than an email can ever get across. It shows that the person cares enough to sit down, think out what they want to write, and then put it down with their own hand and try not to fuck up too much to the point where words start to look like a monkey fucking a coconut.

It's not often that I get a hand written letter from someone. Of the last four; one consisted of 2 words (first word ended with "UCK" and second word ended with "OU"), the second contained human liquids, which ones I'm pretty sure I don't want to know. Then there are the ones that my good friend Kelly wrote. Thank you for the letters.

And to answer your question, you need the following: a pack of corn tortillas (we typically buy Casa Blanca tortillas), a deep fryer, and salt. Cut the tortillas into 6ths, or however big you want they are your damn tortillas, and then deep fry them until crispy. Post frying, salt lightly. Eat. I sometimes like to sprinkle sugar on the chips, instead of salt, when I have a sweet tooth and feeling really Mexican.



I really shouldn't be surprised that the day I want to work on some of my graduate application, the Army decides not to allow me to get access to my Google documents. I guess I'll just work on some GRE practice tests. Such a pity, I hate it when my motivation is crushed.


Dog and bath

I'm sure you all are dying to hear about Jager's bath last night. Well, it didn't happen. Mom talked with one of the parents at school, who happens to be a dog trainer, and she said not to wash him, as it would be bad for the puppy. The smell that is coming off the dog is the natural oils that the dog produces in order to keep his coat healthy and such. Other than that, we have to, more than likely, go out and get new puppy shampoo and cream rinse. The trainer suggested that we do this after hearing about the shampoo my parents used on him the first ttime. We'll see what happens.


GRE Words of the day

Amortize – to diminish by installment payments
I like "amortize" as I wasn't aware there was an actual term for the diminishing by installment payments

Acme – highest point; summit; the highest level or degree attainable


Alacrity – speed or quickness
It just sounds cool.

Jäger smells

Yesterday getting back from work, I did my typical pick Jäger up and hold him in my arms and scratch his stomach and chest. My god the dog smelled horrible. I mean his scent was on my hands for the rest of the evening. I couldn't help but want to dunk him in some soapy water and wash the smell off of him. We're going to give him a bath tonight, his second one. This is going to be entertaining as, from what I heard from my parents giving him a bath, it is a bit of a challenge.

On a side note, father claimed that Jäger has fleas. He described the event of him pulling off something small from his fur, and then it, presumably a flea, jumped off of his hand and onto the ground. I was amazed that there would still be fleas outside, seeing as it is so cold. And in a revelation of facts on the flea collar, I believe that the flea collar took care of the whole dog's body. Not the case, as it only protects the dog's neck.


Gym in the morning from now on.

So with my aggitation yesterday with not going to the gym, with the lack of parking and then walking in and seeing it swamped, I decided to start working out in the morning. I arrived at the gym at 5am, it was basically deserted. Oh, how I missed this atmosphere of being able to go to any machine and be able to workout at my pace.

Speaking of workout pace, I vomited again this past Sunday while training with Wendy. I think it's because how fast she expects me to work. Which, what she's expecting and what I'm capable of, is completely understandable. But when I work out, I'm typically slowed down by other people. Tomorrow I'm going to do my cross fit work out. Hopefully I don't hurl during that one.

One awkward thing though, I saw one of my old scouts at the gym this morning with his dad. I recognized them, but didn't say anything. He was a brat the majority of the time, but his dad was pretty cool. One of the adults that was actually pretty cool to talk to. I'm aware that they were doing double takes at me as well. I guess it's a good thing that I've got the beard going and I lost the glasses. I'm pretty sure they'd be able to recognize me then.


First post of 2009

I really hate my gym now. Well, not the gym itself, it's awesome. I hate the resolution members of the gym. I know they aren't going to be there long, but still. It's just an hassle to wait for someone I know who is going to give up on their resolution at the beginning of February. It's bad enough that I try and skip my Monday workouts just because of everyone who're catching up for skipping their Friday, Saturday, and Sunday visit. Oh well. I figure I'll have to wait a month before I can do actual supersets without having to wait 20 minutes for someone else to finish up.