A vacation

I'm going to need one after this week. Work's been piling up, deadlines approaching, and my GRE is this Saturday. All the while I'm emailing and calling GMU trying to set up a meeting with Dr. Menasce on whether or not I can get into the MS Computer Forensics program. So far with the MS, things look bleek. More than likely I'm going to have to take some courses to bump up my GPA, hopefully I can use the pre-reqs to get the bump up so I can get into the program.

Additionally, Valentine's day is coming up. I really haven't cared for Val's day since high school. Additionally, I really haven't had a significant other for me to "enjoy" it with. It's kind of like an extended Christmas, here to remind me that I'm still single..... Meh. I haven't been good in relationships, for one reason or another. For that, I'm sorry. It wasn't the right time, and I wasn't the right one.

But ya, a vacation is what I'm going to need post this weekend. Highly considering flying down to Little Rock to go hang with Moose and Gabe.


Batman goes ape shit

I'm sure some of you have heard this already, but just in case you didn't: http://tiny.cc/RcaQs.

Essentially it's a sound clip (close to 4 minutes) of Christian Bale going ape shit on a director of photography during an interview. It's really NSFW, so, you might want to turn down your speakers.

The argument came up whether or not this hurts or helps Bale's opportunities for work. He's a great actor, a money maker, and the GOD DAMN BATMAN. But at the same time, will people want to put up with hissy fits such as this one? I'm sure studios really don't care as long as he brings in the box office/dvd sales that they crave. But are directors will to put the effort in difusing situations like this one on a movie set?