Snow, and everything it brings with it.

I was walking out of the gym this morning, and noticed it was snowing. I've never been a fan of snow, as some of you might know. Sure, there was the 2 hour delays and snow days when I was in school, but even then, I didn't care for the fluff. Started to hate it more when I had to drive through it to get to Mason and work. It seemed Mason would never cancel classes, in addition to my building not closing for anything less then the second coming. The only time I cared for the snow was when I was grabbing handfuls of it and packing into a thermos for someone. At least it made them smile that day.

On a happier/procrastinating note, I'm currently hooked on a comic that I discovered last week, Ander Loves Maria. It's a swedish comic, full of drama. This has been my time killer at work, besides "studying" for the GRE.

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Adam Gurri said...

Sam, you hate snow, the sun, nature, and basically anything that isn't a climate controlled room and possibly a bar :p

I too remember "studying" for said GRE. Hope you kick its ass, sir.