My Recurring Dreams 1/3

In a dark room, my arms are chained to the cold concrete floor and my head is suspended using a collar and chain around my neck, which is bolted to the ceiling. The restraints are 2 inches thick, rusted iron, and cover from my wrist to the middle of my forearm and the entirety of my neck. I feel a continuous dripping of liquid splattering against the back of my head, neck and back. The liquid has run down the sides of my face and is dripping off my nose and lips. I lift my head up to see my friends tied to a stalactite with razor wire. I can hear their moans and screams as they curse my name. It is their blood that has been bathing me.

I slowly lower my head and see a tall person in a black robe, it's face is cover by the robe's hood. It says something in a language that I don't recognize, but there are subtitles; "You brought this upon your friends. You will be the end of them."

After hearing/reading this from the robed one, the razor wire tightens slicing my friends into bloody chunks, which fall all around me. I want to scream.

This is where I wake up.

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