On writing

There is something about a hand written letter that speaks in volumes than an email can ever get across. It shows that the person cares enough to sit down, think out what they want to write, and then put it down with their own hand and try not to fuck up too much to the point where words start to look like a monkey fucking a coconut.

It's not often that I get a hand written letter from someone. Of the last four; one consisted of 2 words (first word ended with "UCK" and second word ended with "OU"), the second contained human liquids, which ones I'm pretty sure I don't want to know. Then there are the ones that my good friend Kelly wrote. Thank you for the letters.

And to answer your question, you need the following: a pack of corn tortillas (we typically buy Casa Blanca tortillas), a deep fryer, and salt. Cut the tortillas into 6ths, or however big you want they are your damn tortillas, and then deep fry them until crispy. Post frying, salt lightly. Eat. I sometimes like to sprinkle sugar on the chips, instead of salt, when I have a sweet tooth and feeling really Mexican.


Adam Gurri said...

I think that a letter will speak more than an e-mail if they contain the exact same words.

Getting the same effect in an e-mail requires you to really think out what you say, to get as much meaning out of as few words as possible.

Kelly Anne said...

Thank you! If I burn down my house, you will know that I did it all for the sake of your mother's delicious tortilla chips!