Gym in the morning from now on.

So with my aggitation yesterday with not going to the gym, with the lack of parking and then walking in and seeing it swamped, I decided to start working out in the morning. I arrived at the gym at 5am, it was basically deserted. Oh, how I missed this atmosphere of being able to go to any machine and be able to workout at my pace.

Speaking of workout pace, I vomited again this past Sunday while training with Wendy. I think it's because how fast she expects me to work. Which, what she's expecting and what I'm capable of, is completely understandable. But when I work out, I'm typically slowed down by other people. Tomorrow I'm going to do my cross fit work out. Hopefully I don't hurl during that one.

One awkward thing though, I saw one of my old scouts at the gym this morning with his dad. I recognized them, but didn't say anything. He was a brat the majority of the time, but his dad was pretty cool. One of the adults that was actually pretty cool to talk to. I'm aware that they were doing double takes at me as well. I guess it's a good thing that I've got the beard going and I lost the glasses. I'm pretty sure they'd be able to recognize me then.

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