Batman goes ape shit

I'm sure some of you have heard this already, but just in case you didn't: http://tiny.cc/RcaQs.

Essentially it's a sound clip (close to 4 minutes) of Christian Bale going ape shit on a director of photography during an interview. It's really NSFW, so, you might want to turn down your speakers.

The argument came up whether or not this hurts or helps Bale's opportunities for work. He's a great actor, a money maker, and the GOD DAMN BATMAN. But at the same time, will people want to put up with hissy fits such as this one? I'm sure studios really don't care as long as he brings in the box office/dvd sales that they crave. But are directors will to put the effort in difusing situations like this one on a movie set?

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Devin said...

Sure they will. I mean, I don't know too much about Christian Bale, but my impression was that this was an isolated incident. I'm not sure if he's built a reputation for being difficult to work with yet. And I don't agree with everyone who says that he "went too far" and is an asshole and whatnot. Filming is fucking hard, draining work, and even the most patient of people can lose it when you've got to redo the same take 50+ times or whatever.

Something like that.