Jäger smells

Yesterday getting back from work, I did my typical pick Jäger up and hold him in my arms and scratch his stomach and chest. My god the dog smelled horrible. I mean his scent was on my hands for the rest of the evening. I couldn't help but want to dunk him in some soapy water and wash the smell off of him. We're going to give him a bath tonight, his second one. This is going to be entertaining as, from what I heard from my parents giving him a bath, it is a bit of a challenge.

On a side note, father claimed that Jäger has fleas. He described the event of him pulling off something small from his fur, and then it, presumably a flea, jumped off of his hand and onto the ground. I was amazed that there would still be fleas outside, seeing as it is so cold. And in a revelation of facts on the flea collar, I believe that the flea collar took care of the whole dog's body. Not the case, as it only protects the dog's neck.


Adam Gurri said...

What kind of dog is he again?

Kelly Anne said...

You might want to forgo the bathtub, tie his leash to the garage, and shoot the hose at him. That's what we do with Lani. Also, the weird weather has seemingly screwed up everyone's internal clocks. We keep finding ticks on the pups even though we've already had a freeze.

(hehe, CAPTCHA is "doggr")

SP III said...

He's a German Shepherd