My Recurring Dreams 2/3

I have a great fear for knives and sharp edged objects in the hands of other people. It stems from a boy scout trip in which I was deeply cut when a scout was sawing a stick, the saw skipped out of the cut, and into my finger. Ever since then, I can't be in close proximity to someone when they are cutting something.

I am naked and strapped to a large cutting board, my ankles and wrists are separately bound at each corner. Standing at my head, is the cloaked figure from my previous post, and standing around me are all my friends. Above me are several pendulums, 6 total, swing back and forth. They line up with my wrists, elbows, neck, stomach, knees, and ankles. Each of my friends are pointing and laughing as each of the pendulums are lowered onto my body. My blood sprays onto my friends faces, they just laugh louder and harder.

After my body has been separated, the cloaked figure retrieves my head and walks off. My friends are still laughing as cloak walks off.

This is where I wake up.

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