Super Red Eye

I wasn't aware of this drink, until today. The Red Eye eye is a coffee with 2 shots of espresso. These two mere shots were not enough to sustain my caffeine lust this morning.

This morning I tried logging into my civilian computer only to remember that IT had them offline to do routine maintenance. This left me with my work computer, which is sans the glorious internet that feeds me lolcats, the accepted currency of the interweb, and webcomics. I tried drudging through my morning with just my work computer and watching people log on and then off. It was less than thrilling.

I quickly grabbed my coat and made the motions of heading to starbucks, those motions are adjusting myself, getting my keys and notifying everyone in my immediate vicinity that I would be rolling to the Bucks for a dose of my life blood. Before anyone could ask for something, I was already gone.

Now, the coffee. As I stated before, a regular red eye has 2 shots of espresso. I told the bartista to give it 4 shots and drop a 9volt battery in it. Sadly, they were sans battery.

It's been four hours since I finished the drink. I can say that I haven't been this caffeinated in a long while. I see this evening's workout being awesome if I don't crash.

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