Snap Weekend

A quick view of my weekend

After work, I went over to Kelly's house and exchanged gifts with her. I gave her a porcelain doorknob with a rose on it and a wood press block. She in turn gave me a shirt with "I heart shotgun zombie" on it. Then we debated on where to go out and eat and which movie to see. We ended up at Tyson's, getting some pretzel stuff from Aunt Anne's, and some candy before watching Bolt in 3-D. I was amazed that Disney could pull of a CG movie without Pixar. I kept the glasses, and plan on rocking them as much as I can.

Went to the gym and then played football with Marcel, Mike, Brice, and David. It was a good time. I screwed up my my lower leg again, the same kind of injury I had last season in rugby. But that's nothing compared to Marcel spraining his ankle after Brice tackled him. I got to drive Marcel's explorer onto the HH Poole football field to pick him up. He's doing fine. After I got home and showered, I texted my trainer Wendy telling her we'd need to modify my workout on Sunday due to my bad leg.

Woke up to a text from my trainer Wendy asking about my leg and if I was going to cancel or come in. I decided it would be better if I just healed up first and not look even more pitiful at the gym with the injury. Then went back to bed. Later, I helped dad throw away a couch.
In closing, I now have plans for Valintine's day.....taking the GRE. Woo.


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Yup, only costing me $140. Same amount I'd spend on a date.