First Will Smith, now Keanu Reeves

In a recent interview with MTV Movies, Keanu Reeves said he wants his next project to be a live-action Cowboy Bebop movie (click his pic for the link).
Now, I have mixed feelings about this. I read the article and it seems that Keanu knows what he's talking about when it comes to the Bebop universe. He wants to tell the origin of the Red Eye drug, which is something I'd be more than happy to watch. But he wants to be Spike, and that's where I get a little shaky at. Keanu isn't the most versitile of actors. He's played the moody bland hero for so long. I just can't see him as Spike. Additionally on retrospect, I really can't think of anyone in Hollywood that I'd like to see play Spike.
All I really hope for is for three things: Watanabe, Nobumoto, and Kanno to have some involvement with the movie. I believe in Keanu for his geek love for the series, but not for his acting ability.

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