What is the average number of t-shirts an American child should have?

I had a very depressing discussion with one of my co-workers. It started out with the simple question of "what should I get my kids?" I have a little knowledge about her offspring, in the knowledge that they are all little shits that need to beaten for all the crap that they pull with her. This is in addition to the douche' bag of a husband she's divorcing. My response to her question was to buy her children clothes.

What came of her response was a diatribe about clothing being strung about her house as her children do not know how to do anything more than wipe their own ass and break shit. I blame the parents for this as there wasn't any punishment enforced. And all the while the line she was repeating was "I still can't find the average number of t-shirts an American child should own."

WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING!? Grow a backbone, walk into your house with a baseball bat, and go ape shit. They don't respect you.

Moving on, it just gets annoying to hear her complain that they never do anything she tells them to do.


Kelly Anne said...

Um. This post doesn't have any content and its title isn't even a sentence.

SP III said...

Ya, I was about to write it, but then got side tracked with work. And also accidentally hit enter, which posted the unfinished title.