Just a shot away

I arrived at Steven and Alana's apartment around 6:30. Will was sitting on the sofa with Alana diagonal to him on the love seat. He hasn't changed much, still skinny, tall, white, and red dye job in his hair. He commented on my beard, "Castro" he said. It was fun to be around him again. He was drinking Yuengling, Alana Hard Cider, Steven Hefeweizen, Myself Tall Vodka Cranberries.

We caught up quickly with each other's lives. He graduated with a degree in Theater, and next week is going to be leaving for Tokyo for his job teaching English to as a second language. Plots of making a trip to the land of the rising sun has commenced.

We listened to some J-Rock band that he had on his iPod. It was good, made me want to listen to Dir en grey. He knows a site where I can get all of said band's music, or I could have given him a storage device to burn it onto.

-Steven discovers Sam own's an iPhone-
Me: Steven, loan me a blank cd.
Steven: I don't have any, use a thumb drive.
M: I don't have one.
S: Where's your iPod?
M: Don't own one.
S: That's right you own a Zune. Where's that?
M: In my car.
S: (Jokingly) Where's your iPhone.
M: In my pocket.
S: In your pocket?
M: In my pocket.
S: You don't own an iPhone.
M: In my pocket.
S: Prove it.
-I pull my white iPhone out. Calling his bluff-
S: (owned, and knows it)
M: Told you.
-I hand it to him and he plays with it. Then walks off to tell Alana. Owned-
I look at Will. We both laugh.

Alana call's me a trend whore, tool, or poser for owning one. Something along those lines. I bask in it.
We all sit, talk, it was decided before I got there that we would be visiting The Capital Ale House. We need to go to the groccery store and CVS first for more beer, cranberry juice, Black and Milds, and 5 Hour of Powers. We acquire our materials and walk back to the apartment for more drinking.
We leave for CAH, I'm already drunk.
While in the restroom, above the urinals there is a ledge. I speak about this outloud whilest urinating. It should be noted Steven is in a stall and another gentlemen is using the urinal two spaces to the left of me.
Me: "Wow, there's a little ledge here to place your beer. That's convenient"
Gentleman: (chuckle)
M: "Essentially I can skip a step and pour the beer directly into the urinal. But then I would miss the tastiness that is the beer"
G: (laugh)
M: "Mind you, I'm not talking directly to you sir. As it would be wierd for me to hold my penis and a conversation about said ledge in a bathroom with a stranger. I'm merely speaking out loud."
G: (laughs some more)
Apparently, I'm quite drunk.
After more drinking, eating of a burnt dollar hamburger, Alana and Steven's friend arrives, we leave to go play some Rockband. I borrowed one of the sauce containers (still filled with random sauce) from the Ale House. I would like to say to the owner of the white RAV-4, parked outside on the curb, I hope you liked the sauce I left for you. ....splattered on your windshield.
I sang better this time. Playing guitar is still easy. Drums are harder than they look. I messed up some of the lyrics, improvising most if not all.

It was a fun night

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